Junior Shooter Set

Airsoft Steel for Junior Shooters

Consists of 4 Tactrainers Plate Hangers (1 Short, 2 Medium, 1 Tall) and an assortment of LARGE Plates for training new shooters in Safety, Gun-Handling, & Marksmanship. Large plates are easier to hit, set your Junior Shooter up for success while they are learning...(Mom & Dad can always use the large plates to train for speed as well). There are 4 conventional sized smaller plates included in the Set as well for more challenging shots as the shooters progress. These bases will also accept the impact plates from other targets such as the Metric Shape, Mini-Metric Shape, Classic, & Defensive targets as well as those from the Steel Challenge Set so you have a mind-blowing selection of plate configurations.

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All Tactrainers airsoft targets are built from 16 gauge steel to last a lifetime ! 
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