Avery Performance Add-On Package #3

Avery Performance Add-On Pkg 3

1/4 Scale Texas Star & 1/4 Scale Polish Plate Rack

Ron Avery is known in the competitive shooting world as a multi-time State, Area, and National champion, as well as Director of Training at the Tactical Performance Center. This is one of Ron's recommended add-ons to selections of Tactrainers targets.
Airsoft training has proven to be a viable facet of any overall training program, facilitating thousands of repetitions to reinforce proper technique while maintaining perishable skills between live-fire practice sessions and competition. Ron's vision of Airsoft training is to make it dynamic and realistic !
This Add-On is a great way to step up your game ! When it comes to shooting specialty targets like the Texas Star & Polish Plate Rack, there’s nothing like experience to build your confidence and remove the intimidation factor.  Shooting these at home allows you to learn the patterns of engagement that work best for you.
All in a private environment that you control without traveling to a range or reloading tons of ammo to feed your practice sessions. This is an awesome add-on to any of your existing Avery Performance Packages !
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Former law enforcement officer, world ranked professional shooter, and internationally acclaimed trainer and writer, Ron is one of the first trainers in modern times to apply and adapt scientific principles at a high level to high performance shooting. 

  • 2 Time US Team Member in the IPSC World Shoot w/2 Individual medals
  • Top 16 shooter in National and Regional Tournaments since 1989. To include all US National Championships.
  • Fifteen time Colorado State Champion
  • Two time, USPSA Area 1 Champion
  •  USPSA Area 2 Champion
  • Director of Training and a co-founder of the Tactical Performance Center.
All  Tactrainers  airsoft targets are built from American steel to last a lifetime !
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