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TactrainersAir Direct-Fit Conversion Kit to compressed air!

Priced at only $59.95 USD, the cost is 1/2 of a case of Green Gas so it pays for itself quickly!

Avoid the cost, smell, and flammable concerns of Propane and Green Gas, and your gun works perfectly in ANY TEMPERATURE!

There are 3 different types of threads in airsoft gas-gun magazines, see below for info on how to order the correct kit for YOUR magazine !!

When you have a properly set-up, reliable Gas Blowback Airsoft gun running on compressed air, you can use Airsoft practice to it's full potential. That's when Tactrainers Airsoft Targets are truly appreciated. Stopping to gas up the mags, or because the gun doesn't cycle well in cold weather (or having 10 magazines on a heating blanket in the winter) can really put a damper on your training and enjoyment. To help with that, Tactrainers offers Compressed Air Conversions on most Gas Blowback airsoft guns. When the guns are running on air they are reliable in any temperature, not to mention there is no expense, smell, or flammable risk from Green Gas or Propane. You can regulate the pressure to just where the gun cycles properly so the guns last longer. Imagine being able to shoot till the mag is empty and the only delay to shooting again is filling the magazine with bb's. This is how serious practice can see round counts of 10,000 to 20,000 bb's per month.

Now you can buy the kit and install it yourself ! You can convert your own mag to air using the TactrainersAir direct fit conversion kit. You don't have to ship your mag to us, just get the kit and install. All you need is a compressor to plug in to and you are ready to start practicing like never before!

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What you get: The TactrainersAir Direct-Fit Kit includes approx. 20 feet of light weight, high pressure chemical resistant tubing with a fitting installed and ready to plug into your compressor, and the TactrainersAir Direct Fit fitting, which screws into the magazine's "fill-valve" threads to adapt your magazine to compressed air without modifying the magazine. (Anytime you want to change back to gas, just re-install the fill valve)

It's has a clean "factory" look and on most mags, if you enlarge the hole in the base pad you can continue to use your original base pad.

Note: regretfully we do not have any way to convert a Co2 gun to compressed air.

What it does for you: Reliable, inexpensive, adjustable pressure to operate your GBB airsoft gun. Hose is light and flexible so you can move, draw from a holster, shoot on the move, etc. and never notice the hose is attached.

What is required: An air compressor which should have a pressure regulator and a tank. Most guns will need about 100 p.s.i. constant, some wide-body 1911's need more air and run at about 120 p.s.i.  As long as the compressor puts out enough pressure to run the gun it will work, the size of the tank will determine how often the compressor has to run to stay ahead of consumption.  Best performance is a 150 or higher p.s.i. compressor with an 8 gal tank or larger, ( 200 p.s.i. with 16 gal tank will run a gun for 45 minutes to an hour on residual tank pressure without the compressor running at all )

How to lube the gun: Spray a clean aerosol silicone lube (NAPA or CRC brand) or apply a few drops of silicone oil directly into the hose at the compressor end every 200 bb's along with lubing all the friction points in the gun with silicone oil

To order the correct TactrainersAir Direct-Fit Conversion Kit, see the info below:

Measure your fill valve:

Measure Head Diameter


Measure Thread Diameter:

If you have the "Type 1" Fill Valve shown below, order the Type 1 TactrainersAir Direct-Fit Conversion Kit or Fitting

If you have the "Type 2" Fill Valve shown below, order the Type 2 TactrainersAir Direct-Fit Conversion Kit or Fitting

If you have the "Type 3" Fill Valve shown below, order the Type 3 TactrainersAir Direct-Fit Conversion Kit or Fitting

If you ask us which Fill Valve your airsoft gun has by brand or model, the answer is.....we don't know and we don't want to guess. Please measure your valve so you can get the correct kit the first time.