1507, 2018

Circadian Rhythms – How they apply to YOU as a competitive shooter

We all operate on an internal clock, and each of us has a specific window of time in the average day during which we operate at peak efficiency. This cycle is called the Circadian Rhythm. Groups of people fall into categories depending on the time of day where they perform their best, called Circadian Phenotypes. As a competitive shooter, these rhythms can be of critical importance to your performance. Since most tournaments happen during the day and the average start time is 9 AM, your Circadian Phenotype can be a real consideration on how you prepare to perform at your best. If you are in the “early” Circadian Phenotype category, the 9 am start time for a tournament will probably suit you just fine. But if you are an “intermediate” to “late” Circadian Phenotype, you may never perform at your peak for the first stage or stages in a match. One study showed that “early” and “intermediate” types had a 7% to 10% variation in their physical performance over the course of the day (which is a pretty serious variation in itself), but “late” types varied by up to 26 %! Mental performance is also very much affected by the [...]

1507, 2018

Journey to Master Class with Tactrainers

(John L, owner of Tactrainers Airsoft Target Systems) I was recently promoted to Master class in USPSA Production Division. To me, that means that I am doing some things right, but still have a lot to learn and a long way to go in order to reach my potential as a shooter. I am pleased though, as according to USPSA’s latest annual report there are 8,915 classified Production shooters in the U.S. with 396 in Master class (and 118 Grand Masters). It’s especially satisfying to me because it says “senior” after my name in the results and has for several years. We all know at least one person in the action shooting sports who is a “phenom” or “golden child”….athletic, good eyesight, fast reflexes, learns fast, moves fast, etc. They usually have lot’s of resources at their disposal in the way of family and financial support. This, combined with their natural abilities allows them to advance in the action shooting sports to the higher levels of classification in record time. Well…….I’m not that guy! I started shooting USPSA in 1987. (Holy Smokes ! that means I’ve been doing this for 30 years!) Being just a regular guy with a family and [...]

1507, 2018

3 Gun Zen – by Tracy Barnes – 3Gun Nation Pro Series Shooter

Shooting the pistol fast A good majority of 3 gun shooters come from a background in pistol shooting. They shoot either USPSA or IDPA or something similar. This means that a lot of 3 gunners are competent and skilled with the handgun. Therefore the playing field, as far as the pistol is concerned, is more level. That is until you add speed. 90% of 3 gunners can shoot their pistol well. The other 10% separate themselves from the rest by shooting their pistol fast AND well. The key to this isn’t necessarily just pulling the trigger faster, it’s utilizing your skills with the pistol to accurately take down targets quicker than anyone else. This is achieved through quick double taps, fast transitions, and most importantly shooting on the move. I remember a stage at the Midnight 3 gun match up in Oregon a few years back that was all pistol. Daniel Horner had some ungodly fast time on it. The stage was pretty straightforward, except that it was in the dark and in the middle of the night. Most of us had a few places where we stopped and shot a slew of targets. It was a good strategy to [...]

1507, 2018

A review from one of our customers

Polish Plate racks, nobody ever wanted to stop shooting long enough to reset any targets. So make sure you have a Texas Star and/or a Polish Plate Rack if you are getting any falling plates, and you'll always have time and at least one person excited to reset plates for everyone. The guns I use all shoot between 240 - 550 fps, and use all types of biodegradable and standard bbs of every weight.  When you use the harder bb's, expect a few bb's will come back at you when you are less than 15-20 feet away. The materials, workmanship, and finish are all excellent with no damages and very little paint chipping despite thousands of rounds fired at them in each session.  They'll send them to you all incredibly carefully packed so that nothing is ever scratched or damaged. I am not affiliated with this company or its workers in any way, have purchased them all with my own money and wasn't asked or compensated for this review.  I simply like their products and think everyone else will too and felt like I had to when I see a few others taking the time to review them. Mike B

1507, 2018

Tactrainers Airsoft Target Systems new product

Announcing new additions to the Tactrainers line of products. The TactrainersAir Direct Fit Conversion kit for gas gun magazines to compressed air now offers a kit for each of 3 different sizes of gas gun magazines. You know how frustrating it is just when you get into a good flow in your practice session and suddenly your gun quits after 5 shots because the gas pressure is low. Now you have to charge the magazine and hope it's not too cold to operate. Or if it's hot weather and the gun feels like it's going to come apart because it's cycling so hard due to excessive pressure in the mag. That can all be avoided now with the TactrainersAir Direct-Fit Conversion Kit. We've had them for the Type 1 Fill Valve mags mostly found on WE guns with the long, coarse thread. Now we have the 2 "fine thread" types as well so chances are quite good we have the one that fits your gun. You can find out how to order them on our "Other Products & Svcs" page. We practice a lot using and testing our targets and have been using compressed air for a few years now. Since we [...]



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