Avery Performance Add-On Package #2

Avery Performance Add-on Package #2  

6 Falling Poppers & 6 Falling Mini-Poppers

Ron Avery is known in the competitive USPSA world as a multi-time State, Area, and National champion, as well as Director of Training at the Tactical Performance Center. This is one of Ron's recommended add-ons to selections of Tactrainers targets.
Airsoft training has proven to be a viable facet of any overall training program, facilitating thousands of repetitions to reinforce proper technique while maintaining perishable skills between live-fire practice sessions and competition. Ron's vision of Airsoft training is to make it dynamic and realistic ! 
This Add-On is a great way to step up your game. More Poppers equals more options for setting up drills & practice stages to prepare for the tricky placements of Poppers that you see in a tournament, such as in-line Poppers, overlapping Poppers, Mini-Poppers hidden behind Full-Size Poppers, etc. 
All in a private environment that you control without traveling to a range or reloading tons of ammo to feed your practice sessions. This is an awesome add-on to any of your existing Avery Performance Packages !
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Former law enforcement officer, world ranked professional, and internationally acclaimed trainer and writer, Ron is one of the first trainers in modern times to apply and adapt scientific principles at a high level to high performance. 

  • 2 Time US Team Member in the IPSC World Championships w/2 Individual medals
  • Top 16 in National and Regional Tournaments since 1989. To include all US National Championships.
  • Fifteen time Colorado State Champion
  • Two time, Area 1 Champion
  •  Area 2 Champion
  • Director of Training and a co-founder of the Tactical Performance Center.
All  Tactrainers  airsoft targets are built from American steel to last a lifetime !
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