December 26, 2016


Practice Targets for: IPSC, USPSA, 3GN, IDPA, Steel Challenge, IPSC Air


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A review from one of our customers

I have purchased a major cross-section of all Tactrainers products and I can say

that they are all wonderful, fun, durable, functional, great for training, well made and

designed.   I also have three of their air hose adapters connected in parallel to a

small air compressor.

It has been an excellent training tool for me, and has been much more fun and

effective then dry-fire/laser training for me. 

When I invite friends and family over to shoot with me, it gets insane very quickly as

they invite people too and it soon becomes a massive shooting party.  At least 60 percent

of them usually have never fired a gun before, with many misconceptions about guns

from the news media and video games.  In every group I've also had a few with anti-gun

attitudes in the crowd to begin with. 

It has been a great environment to straighten out common misconceptions about guns

and anti-gun attitudes.   Every time I've done that, each group has always warmed up and

become anxiously involved, ending up shooting between 6,000 to 8,000 bb's at those

targets in each session alone.   So by the time they leave, every person's perspective of

the shooting sports and guns has always been super positive even from the one teenage

girl who wouldn't even try it.

I have a good balance between their plain steel targets, poppers, falling plates,

plate racks, Texas Star, and Polish Plate racks.  But before I had the Texas Star and

Polish Plate racks, nobody ever wanted to stop shooting long enough to reset any targets.

So make sure you have a Texas Star and/or a Polish Plate Rack if you are getting any

falling plates, and you'll always have time and at least one person excited to reset plates

for everyone. The guns I use all shoot between 240 - 550 fps, and use all types of

biodegradeable and standard bb's of every weight.  When you  use the harder bb's,

expect a few bb's will come back at you when your are less then 15-20 feeet away. 

The materials, workmanship, and finish are all excellent with no damages and very little

paint chipping despite thousands of rounds fired at them in each session.  They'll send

them to you all incredibly carefully packed so that nothing is ever scratched or damaged. 

I am not affiliated with this company or its workers in any way, have purchased them all

with my own money, and wasn't asked or compensated for this review.  I simply like their

products and think everyone else will too, and felt like I had to when I see few others

taking the time to review them.

Mike B

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